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9 ways that sound affects our health, wellbeing and productivity


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Julian Treasure cares very deeply for your ears. That’s why he’s given TED talks like “The 4 ways sound affects us” and “Why architects need to use their ears.” Treasure is on a mission to make policymakers, engineers, architects and, well, [ted_talkteaser id=965]everyone think more about what they hear around them — because the way things sound have a tangible, measurable effect on how we feel, how we heal, how we work and how we live.

To this end, Treasure’s The Sound Agency has teamed up with Biamp Systems to create a whitepaper called “Building in Sound,” a look at the data linking sound and well-being.

“This paper is based on exhaustive review of academic papers, and reports from national governments and multinational bodies, going back some 40 years,” it begins. “The research examines the causes and impacts of sound on our health, recovery from illness…

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Trading as part of the spiritual practice

I was reading something very classic and inspiring on the Fool. The following contents is partially quoted from the website.

2 must have traits to be successful


Investing in stocks requires a minimum five-year time horizon. It can be hard to be a long-term investor in a short-term world — which brings us to the second secret ingredient for investing greatness.


Successful investors have the ability to remain calm and levelheaded when everyone around them is freaking out. That mindset makes the difference between investors who consistently outperform the market and investors who get lucky for a while. When a group of business-school students asked Buffett why so few have been able to replicate his investing success, his reply was simple: “The reason gets down to temperament.”

But how? The article goes on and give us some advice on how to keep a cool head. Continue reading

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Picking my first stock

I couldn’t recall the last time I look forwarded to Monday as much.

Monday is coming and the money start rolling! After register for an app called StockWars, I am ready to buy in my first virtual stock.

I decided to started with the area that I have most familiar with: insurance industry. Although many successful insurance companies are not public companies (in fact, a lot are private/mutual companies), there are a number of possible picks. With a focus on Property/Casualty side, I have my eyes on Traveler (TRV). Continue reading

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Ratios rattle: Price to Book, DSO and Turns

Price to Book is probably the less value ratio, with many companies nowadays do not need a lot of land and factories to make a very high-margin product. But here’s how we can do the ratio nevertheless:

EV/SE = ((Shares Out x Price) + Debt-Cash) / Shareholders’ equity

As a rule of thumb, some value investors will shun any companies that trade above 2 times book value or more.

DSO: Days Sales Outstanding is a measure how many days worth of sales the current accounts receivable (A/R) represents.

A company with a lower amount of days worth of sales outstanding is getting its cash back quicker and hopefully putting it immediately to use, getting an edge on the competition.

Step 1: Calculate Accounts Receivables Turnover

A/R Turnover = Sales for period / Average A/R for period Continue reading